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The gallery was founded by Renee Bangerter in the summer of 2012 in North Laguna Beach. Originally named Laguna Inkspot and Gallery, the business was a fusion of fine art and tattoo art. The gallery has evolved over time to become a full time gallery and working studio. I focus on established artists as well as the emerging artist. My works are primarily in classic oils and ceramic sculpture.

Opening receptions occur on the first thursday of the month to coincide with First Thursdays Art Walk - Laguna Beach. I continually search for talent, carefully curating offerings to bring clients original paintings by established artists and those whom have yet to be widely discovered. It is this deep connection to the up-and-coming art community that has allowed me to source stunning and unusual works.

The works on display mirror the gallery’s overall philosophy that original art should be neither distancing nor intimidating, but made available to inspire us all.

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